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Retro Chelsea Shirts

Classic Chelsea retro shirts delivers the opportunity for younger fans to buy legendary shirts of landmark and successful years, whilst offering older fans the chance to be reminded of classic times. You can see a selection of retro shirts available below, sorted by decades.


The late 70s and 80s will be remembered for financial reasons, with Chelsea being rescued by Ken Bates. The decade saw Chelsea bouncing between the two top divisions. Nonetheless, a more regular release of Chelsea shirts meant that there are a variety of memorable shirts available to buy, including the 86-87 shirt which was manufactured by the Club themselves.


The 70s started with success in the FA Cup with a replay win over Leeds. The 1970 FA Cup replay shirt is a popular purchase and a recent 40th anniversary edition has been released. Also, the red jacket worn on the day of the final is an iconic purchase for fans. There are a selection of home and away shirts, training tops and jackets available in this decade that many will remember.


Chelsea became rather famous in the 1960s for being a 'nearly' time - a label that they would carry around with them until their recent successes. They very nearly secured all major titles (League, FA Cup, League Cup) in the 64-65 season but only managed to secure the League Cup. There is a nice selection of shirts available in this era including yellow away shirts. Some famous 1960s Chelsea players included Terry Venables, Bobby Tambling and Peter Bonetti.


The 1950s saw an advancement in the club's development and success. They won their first major title in 1955, becoming League Champions. As a result of their success, Chelsea was chosen to represent London in the inter-cities Fairs Cup where they reached the quarter final. This tournament season lasted from 1958 to 1960 and the 1960 Chelsea Fairs Cup away retro shirt is available.


Chelsea wore mostly the same shirt in their first half a century. In particular between 1915 and 1950 they wore a drill collar design. Chelsea had little success in their early years, although did reach the final of the FA Cup in 1915. Just like the shirts of today, you can personalise retro shirts by adding a name and number. You may choose your own name or even better, considering the shirt is historic, the name of a player that played in that memorable year. We have written an article if you need help choosing a Chelsea retro shirt.

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