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Chelsea Away Shirt

Whilst the away shirt is not worn as often as the home shirt by Chelsea players, this alternative design is a popular seller amongst fans. Like the rest of the official Adidas Chelsea replica collection, there is a wide range of sizes available.


The original shirt is available in sizes up to XXXL. The outsize version goes up to size 8XL. There is also a long sleeve version which is ideal for the colder months.


With a growing female fan base, Adidas have manufactured a special shirt for women with a comfortable fit. Sizes go up to 16 (XL).


Kids can be some of the most passionate Chelsea fans and shirts in these sizes are the most popular and considered 'essential' purchases. Kids sizes are available up to the age of 14. For older children go for the adult sizes.


A full kit made up of shirt, shorts and socks. Available in a range of sizes from 1 years up to 6 years.


The perfect way to introduce your son or daughter to the world of Chelsea. Available up to age 18 months. Since the early days of professional football, teams have had a second strip that they would wear in away games where the home colours would clash with the hosts.

Whilst the Chelsea home shirt and kit has remained blue throughout their history, they have worn many different colours and styles of away shirts. Colours have ranged from red to bright yellow (almost to the extent of aluminous yellow in 2007). Whilst red was a popular choice in the 70s and 80s, it has not featured in a Chelsea away shirt since 1994.

Styles and features have included horizontal and vertical stripes, diamond patterns and on the 91-93 shirts, unusual zigzag lines. Over the years, Chelsea has had three main kit suppliers - two long stints with Umbro, a shirt period with LeCoqSportif and a current relationship with Adidas. However, the 1986-1987 away kit marked a first in English football, being manufactured by the club themselves (called the Chelsea Collection).

Since the mid 1970s, Chelsea has also released a third kit in addition to the home and away. This is worn a lot less often - usually on occasions where both the home and away kit would clash. In recent seasons, the club have released new away and third kits each new season. The away shirts have often proven to be good sellers with an alternative option for the fans to the usual blue. In fact recent efforts by Adidas have proven rather stylish such as the black pin-stripe 2010-11 kit.

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